Monday, 4 January 2016

Mi first Conference of Gstreamer

Gstreamer Conference
Wednesday 7 Oct 2015:

I arrived at Dublin at night and I went to the apartment rented by those days.

Thursday 8 Oct 2015:

In the morning I went to Convention Centre Dublin and I checked for my accreditation.

After the Conference started. First, Tim-Philipp Müller spoke at the opening and he talked about what's been happening in and around Gstreamer in the last twelve months and what's next in the pipeline.

After this, I attended several very interesting talks, for example, "Tiled Streaming of UHD video in real-time" of Arjen Veenhuizen. It's about the develop a technology for interactive delivery of ultra-high resolution video. This technology, referred to as tiled streaming, enables (mobile) devices to display and freely navigate ultra-high resolution video recordings, while keeping bandwidth requirements low.

There was a particular my mentor's talk Luis de Bethencourt, "How to Contribute to Gstreamer", which it was interesting and reminded me of my experience in Outreachy, when I started with Gstreamer.

I think to contribute to Gstreamer may be easier than it seems. You get much help from the community when you're learning, they have a chat to facilitate communication with them and have a good documentation to meet Gstreamer internally and how it works.

In this experience I had the opportunity to meet in person to people who helped me and others who did not yet know. I learned much in his talks, this was great!.

At the end of the day there was a social event organized for them, where I had the opportunity to talk to many people,  comment on my contribution in Gstreamer and to know the work of others. I enjoyed a lot!.

Friday 9 Oct 2015:

I attended several very interesting talks of this day.
Decodebin3 by Edward Hervey
For example: "Synchronised multi-room media playback and distributed live media processing and mixing with Gstreamer", Sebastian Dröge.
This talk is about the flexibility of the Gstreamer multimedia framework that allows to implement many consumer use cases like multi-room playback of videos on TV's, mobile devices and other parts of a home entertainment system, to allow the user to switch between rooms without interrupting his multimedia experience, and many industrial and professional use cases, for example for building video walls as used for digital signage or control roomsF, or for distributed live media processing and mixing in professional media production and editing scenarios.
And also, he talks about which features are already provided to make it very simple to develop such applications.

In this day, I participated in Lightning Talks, my talk was Opencv and Gstreamer.
I was very nervous, speaking English in public increases my nerves but I did!. I talked about my work,  and how I started to contribute in GStreamer.
Here is the link to my video of my talk:

This trip gave me many things. More knowledges about GStreamer, my experience in public speaking and speaking in English, feel part of a community and the satisfaction of helping to improve parts of Gstreamer.
Thanks to Outreachy, I met the world of open and free source software, as is to work on it and how I can deal with this environment.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Primer día de mi blog. Tengo mis motivos por el cual he decidido empezar a escribir, también he tenido motivadores (todo hay que decirlo). De momento prefiero callar, mi único objetivo por ahora, es liberar mis ideas, mis ocurrencias, mi cabeza en sí. No prometo que sea nada interesante, pues mi vida y yo somos algo corriente como el de todos. Pero bueno, se intentará dar vida a esto. ¡Probemos!